Check manual page of df_netapp

NetApp Filer: Used Space in Filesystems

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This check measures the usage of aggregates and volumes in a NetAPP filer. The usage is checked against a warning and a critical level. If a snapshot reserve is configured, snapshot growth will affect the volume usage just like normal data. Snapshots will also be listed, if their size is non-zero.

As of version 1.1.9i9 Checkmk supports trends. This means that the df check is now able to compute the change of the used space over the time and can make a forecast into the future. It can estimate the point of time where the filesystem will be full.

In the default configuration the check will compute the trend based on the data of the last 24 hours. Similar like the CPU load this is done with a logarithmic average that weights the more recent time more than time farer away. Also data beyond the 24 hours will to some small degree be reflected in the computation. The advantage of this algorithm is a more precise prediction and a simpler implementation, which does not need any access to any RRDs or similar storage.

Please note, that when a volume is started being monitored, then the trend of the past is unknown and will be assumed to be zero. That means that it will take at least one trend range of time until the trend approximately reflects the reality.


The name of the aggregate or volume on the NetAPP filer.


One service is created for each filesystem the agent reports except filesystem types listed in {inventory_df_exclude_fs}. The Windows agent only reports fixed disks. The Linux agent reports filesystems that have a size and are not of type smbfs, tmpfs, cifs or nfs.