Check manual page of emerson_stat

Emerson UPS: Status

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This check monitors the status OID of Emerson UPS devices which have the emerson energy systems power MIB. They must have a system desciption OID starting with "Emerson Network Power". In case the device does not have a system description OID, it needs to be listed in the configuration variable snmp_without_sys_descr to be inventorized.

The following states of the device are known and lead to a nagios state of crit:

(5) "minor - MA"

(6) "major"

(10) "disabled"

The following device states are known and lead to the nagios state warn:

(1) "unknown"

(3) "observation"

(4) "warning - A3"

(7) "unmanaged"

(8) "restricted""

(9) "testing"


One service is created for each host.