Check manual page of f5_bigip_pool

F5 Big-IP: Load Balancing Pools

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
The check queries the MIB tables of F5 BIG-IP loadbalancers (local traffic managers) for the status of any load balancing pools. It gathers the number of loadbalancers backing the pool and how many of those are working. It doesn't currently honor the 'MinUpMembers' parameter that can be set to trigger actions for the pool if too many members fail.

It supports devices running the 9.0 and above releases of the F5 OS. It's tested against 9.3 devices.

If there are down or disabled nodes, the names of the nodes are also printed in the service output. They are identified using the following oids: ltmPoolMemberMonitorState, ltmPoolMemberMonitorStatus, ltmPoolMemberSessionStatus


Name of the pool


One service is created for each pool defined on a system, even if the pool is not enabled, as this is considered a temporary state.