Check manual page of fc_port

Dell Fibre Channel Switches: Port Status

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This checks monitors fibre channel ports of devices supporting the fibre channel management (FCMGMT) MIB, notably Dell fibre channel switches. Monitored are the physical, operational, or adminstrative state of the ports, the number of received and transmitted objects (RxObjects, TxObjects), the incoming and outgoing throughput derived from the number of received and transmitted elements (RxElements, TxElements), and the following error counters: CRC errors, Enc-OUT frames, no Tx credits, C3 discards.

The check has a non-OK state in the following situations:

[1] The physical, operational, or adminstrative state of the port is not as expected.

[2] The current or averaged throughput exceeds the configured absolute or relative levels.

[3] One of the error counters exceeds its configured levels.

Averaging: This check supports averaging on all counters. Averaging is turned on but setting the check parameter "average" to a number of minutes. In this case the check produces additional performance data for each parameter and all warning/error levels are only applied on the averaged value, not on the current one. This is especially helpful when using levels on the throughput.

Note: The counters CRC errors and Enc-OUT are represented as percentages in relation to the number of received frames. C3 discards and no Tx credits are in relation to the number of sent frames.


The item is the port-number as two-digit or three-digit string (on switches with 100 or more ports) as printed on the switch (note: the SNMP index of port {00} is {1}!). If configured, port names of the device will be part of the check item (and thus the service description).


One service is created for all operational ports if the administrativ state is not 1 (unknown) or 3 (offline). It can be configured (see CONFIGURATION VARIABLES) how operational ports are defined.