Check manual page of filestats_single

Age and Size of File (mk_filestats)

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Windows Linux Freebsd Macosx Solaris AIX
This check monitors the size and age of a single file in the target host's filesystem. If the globbing pattern matches multiple files, one service per matching file is created. You can set lower and upper limits on the age and filesize.

The required python plug-in mk_filestats is configured via filestats.cfg located in the $MK_CONFDIR (usually /etc/check_mk/filestats.cfg). To add single file(s) to the check, add one configuration section to the file. The subcheck is triggered, if output: is set to single_file.

For an extensive documentation of the available options, please refer to " --help".


The matched file.


One service is created for each matched file.