Check manual page of h3c_lanswitch_cpu

3Com and H3C Switches: CPU Utilization
Distribution official part of Check_MK
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This Check queries the CPU utilization of various LAN switches that are supporting the MIB for H3C lan switches. These are: newer 3COM switches (Superstack 4 and later), H3C branded switches and now for example the HP "A-Series" Networking gear. The same switches from the original maker Huawei are not supporting the MIB. The check tries to correctly label the CPU in your switch / stack / core switch module slots.

The check goes WARN/CRIT if the average CPU usage of the last five minutes exceeds configurable levels.

Note that some of these switches don't handle SNMP well and might generate up to 90% cpu load while queried. To accomodate for this you should lower the frequency of SNMP based checks with them.

Some devices have a high usage even in normal conditions (i.e. running full BGP tables). In that case you might have to fine tune the check parameters or even have to disable the check.


{{Switch}} followed by the ID of the switch followed by the CPU type (i.e. {{Slot}}, {{CPU}} or {{Unknown}}) followed by the number of the CPU


One service is created for each CPU.