Check manual page of h3c_lanswitch_cpu

3Com and H3C Switches: CPU Utilization

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This Check queries the CPU utilization of various LAN switches that are supporting the MIB for H3C lan switches. These are: newer 3COM switches (Superstack 4 and later), H3C branded switches and now for example the HP "A-Series" Networking gear. The same switches from the original maker Huawei are not supporting the MIB. The check tries to correctly label the CPU in your switch / stack / core switch module slots.

The check goes WARN/CRIT if the average CPU usage of the last five minutes exceeds configurable levels.

Note that some of these switches don't handle SNMP well and might generate up to 90% cpu load while queried. To accommodate for this you should lower the frequency of SNMP based checks with them.

Some devices have a high usage even in normal conditions (i.e. running full BGP tables). In that case you might have to fine tune the check parameters or even have to disable the check.


{{Switch}} followed by the ID of the switch followed by the CPU type (i.e. {{Slot}}, {{CPU}} or {{Unknown}}) followed by the number of the CPU


One service is created for each CPU.