Check manual page of h3c_lanswitch_sensors

3Com and H3C Switches: Fan and Power Supply

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This check queries the fan and power supply sensors of various switches made by 3Com and H3C. By default it will handle 3com Superstack 4 switches, but it should work with all devices defined in the "Lsw" lanswitch Mibs.

This check returns:

OK if the active state is reported for the sensor.

WARN if the not-install or unsupport state is reported for the sensor.

CRIT if the deactive state is reported for the sensor.

UNKNOWN if the queried sensor is not found.

Please note: some of these switches don't handle SNMP well and might generate up to 90% CPU load while queried. To accommodate for this you should lower the frequency of SNMP based checks with them.


{{Unit}} followed by the ID of the unit followed by the detected sensor (i.e. {{Fan}} or {{Powersupply}} and his identification number


One service is created for each sensor.