Check manual page of hyperv_vms

Hyper-V Server: State of VMs

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Windows
This checks queries a Microsoft Hyper-V Server via an agent plug-in (hyperv_vms.ps1) and checks the current state of the VM. The state is then mapped to a monitoring state. The default mapping is:

FastSaved => OK

FastSavedCritical => CRIT

FastSaving => OK

FastSavingCritical => CRIT

Off => WARN

OffCritical => CRIT

Other => UNKNOWN

Paused => OK

PausedCritical => CRIT

Pausing => OK

PausingCritical => CRIT

Reset => WARN

ResetCritical => CRIT

Resuming => OK

ResumingCritical => CRIT

Running => OK

RunningCritical => CRIT

Saved => OK

SavedCritical => CRIT

Saving => OK

SavingCritical => CRIT

Starting => OK

StartingCritical => CRIT

Stopping => WARN

StoppingCritical => CRIT

This mapping can be configured using the rule "State of Microsoft Hyper-V Server VMs".

Furthermore, the check can also be configured to compare the current state of the VM against the state at the point in time when the service was discovered. In this case, the service will go to CRIT if the two states do not match. Note that if the check is executed as a manual check, this option can still be used, however, the resulting monitoring state will always be UNKN in this case, since there is no discovered state available to compare against.


Name of the virtual machine


One service is created for each system.