Check manual page of ipmi

Ipmitool: Hardware Sensors

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux
This check monitors the output of ipmitool on Linux systems. If the kernel supports IPMI and ipmitool is installed, then the agent will output the current state of power supplies, cooling devices, temperature sensors and other devices available via IPMI.

The check reports the sensor state and the value measured by the sensor, if available. Furthermore, if the sensor reports upper or lower levels, these are checked against the currently reported value.

Using the rule "IPMI sensors", user-defined levels can be configured (per sensor). Furthermore, this rule offers the option to define custom mappings from sensor states to monitoring states. Finally, the rule allows for ignoring sensors by their name or by their state (summary mode only, see below).


{"Summary"} for summary mode (see below) or the name of the IPMI item for the detailed mode.


The check offers two modes for discovering sensors. In summary mode, if at least one sensor is found, a single service is discovered. This service summarizes the states of all IPMI sensors. In the detailed mode, one service is created for each discovered sensor. Users can switch between the modes using the rule "IPMI sensor discovery". Furthermore, in detailed mode, this rule offers the option to ignore sensors either by their name of by their state. Ignored sensors will not be discovered.