Check manual page of kube_cpu

Kubernetes: CPU

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Kubernetes
This check shows the CPU usage of a Kubernetes object, its requests utilization and its limits utilization.

Requests utilization is the CPU usage divided by the sum of all configured container CPU requests. Limits utilization is computed in the same manner. The utilization percentage values are omitted if any of the associated request/limit value are not configured. Moreover, limits utilization is omitted if any container has a limit of zero. The reason for omission is displayed in the check's details.

Some care must be taken, when interpreting the usage on individual nodes. The "CPU resources" service reports the usage of running pods only. This means that the usage of operating and Kubernetes system daemons is not reflected. If you need full usage, use the "CPU utilization" service instead. Another caveat is that "Node utilization" and "Cluster utilization" are computed relative to the allocatable number of cores of the nodes, not relative to their capacity. For details on this distinction please consult the Kubernetes docs.

The service includes metrics for the CPU usage, the requests utilization, the limits utilization, the CPU requests and CPU limits of the Kubernetes object.

There are no default thresholds for this service. However, thresholds can be configured via the "Kubernetes CPU resource utilization" ruleset.

The check requires that the special agent kube is configured.

For the Checkmk Openshift monitoring, the reported metric values will differ from the values reported on the Openshift dashboard as as the included values describe a different quantity.


One service is created per Kubernetes object.