Check manual page of kube_cronjob_status

Kubernetes: CronJob Status

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Kubernetes
This check displays status information related to the cronjob. This includes the following: * status of the last job * time since last successful schedule and last successful completion * duration of the last completed job * number of active jobs

The status of the latest job is either determined through the job's conditions or the associated pod. The status can be COMPLETED, RUNNING, PENDING or FAILED. A reason message is included in case the job is FAILED. The user can configure a time threshold for how long the job is allowed to be in a PENDING state before the check display a WARN or CRIT state.

This check will treat jobs as if they run in a non-concurrent manner. This might influence the runtime duration metric if your cronjob is allowed concurrent job executions.

The Kubernetes Job Controller allows jobs to have only one pod. This is also an additional assumption made by this check. The check result will be ignored if the latest job does not adhere to this.

The check requires that the special agent kube is configured.


One service is created for each cronjob.