Check manual page of kube_pvc

Kubernetes: Persistent Volume Claim

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Kubernetes
This check monitors the Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) and its attached volume.

The check displays the reported status of the PVC. For a reported status of "Pending", the service will go WARN/CRIT if the PVC has been in this state for more than 5/10 minutes respectively. For a "Lost" status, the service state will immediately go to CRIT. Both default behaviours can be configured in the respective PVC check rule.

If available, the check measures the volume usage of the attached volume storage. The usage is checked against a warning and critical level which can also be configured in the same rule.

The current volume usage is only available under the specific condition that kubelet endpoints report the necessary volume metrics. In the case where these metrics are unavailable, the service will default to simply reporting the configured capacity level of the persistent volume claim.

The check only supports storage types which are actually mounted on the node level.

Currently, this check does not have inodes support.

The check requires that the special agent kube is configured.


One service is created per Persistent Volume Claim for the respective Kubernetes object.