Check manual page of megaraid_bbu

LSI MegaRAID: Battery Backup Unit

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux
This check monitors the existance and status of battery backup units on controllers that are based on the mid- and highend LSI Megaraid chipsets. The entry chipsets do not support BBUs. The Linux agent will try find any existing BBUs - if MegaCli is found in your search path. The BBUs might come in various types (iBBU, BBU) and also some other vendors are using this RAID chip. It is tested against Intel, Dell, IBM and FSC models.

The check works by matching the agent output against a dictionary of expected values. If you have MegaCli installed and some values are not detected, it might be necessary to update your version of MegaCli.

MegaCli can be downloaded from LSI at the following URL

It would be possible to make the warning / critical levels user specifiable. See the check source for this if you have a need to influence those parameters. Most controllers run a "battery learn cycle" periodically or on user request. The check detects this learn cycle and suppresses all errors while this cycle is active. This affects all models that do not have a flash / capacitor based BBU system.


{{RAID Adapter/BBU}} followed by the ID of the adapter as reported by MegaCli.


One service is created for each adapter that has an attached BBU module.