Check manual page of mq_queues

Apache ActiveMQ: Queue Lengths

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Specialdatasource
This check monitors the length of ActiveMQ Queues. ActiveMQ is a popular and powerful open source messaging and integration patterns server. To get the queue data, you have to configure the special agent: agent_activemq for querying the information from the server. This can be done easily with wato -> Datasource Programs. Its also possible to run the agent in piggyback mode. With this mode you can use the piggybag hostname translation to translate the queue names into server names so you can allocate the queues to multipe servers.

After setting up the agent, it is possible to set Warning and Critical levels for the current size of each queue. The check also returns an Critical state if the length of the consumerCount is 0. If the queue is a Death Letter queue (DLQ) you should prevent this behavior by setting levels for it.


The name of the queue


One service is created for each queue.