Check manual page of msexch_replhealth

MS Exchange: DAG Replication Health Test

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Windows
This check monitors various health states of Microsoft Exchange Mailbox servers in a Database Availability Group (DAG), such as continuous replication and the continuous replication pipeline, the availability of Active Manager, and the health and status of the underlying cluster service, quorum, and network components.

The check requires that the agent plug-in msexch_dag.ps1 is installed on the Exchange mailbox server(s) to be monitored. The plug-in uses the PowerShell Test-ReplicationHealth cmdlet.

The check is in the state OK when the check result supplied by the Test-ReplicationHealth cmdlet for the item is passed. It is WARN otherwise.


The name of the health check item as in the output Test-ReplicationHealth cmdlet Check.


One service is created for each health check.