Check manual page of ntp

NTP Peers

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux
This check uses the output of ntpq -p as sent by the agent. It is a list of all NTP peers with their state, stratum, offset and jitter. The check gets critical if the time offset exceeds a configurable level, if the stratum is too high or on othe error conditions. It gets UNKNOWN if the peer is unreachable or has not answered for a long time.

Note: This check creates one individual service for each peer. It is useful for monitoring the health of the peers. If you want to monitor only the time of the NTP client, you might rather use ntp.time.


The name or IP address of the peer (first column in output of {ntpq -p}.


One service is created for each peer which has been contacted at least once if in the rule {NTP Discovery} the mode is set to {"detailed"} or {"both"}. One summary service of type {ntp.time} is created if the mode is set to {"summary"}.