Check manual page of omd_diskusage

Checkmk: Site disk usage

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux
Monitors the disk usage of a site. This tool helps experts to detect anomalies. We currently monitor the following directories:

- var/log/ - Logging files. Increasing the logging levels can cause this directory to grow rapidly.

- tmp/ - Temporary and runtime files, for example piggyback data and report files. If there is too much data here, it can indicate an issue.

- local/ - Customizations such as custom checks, MKPs, notification scripts and many more. Large amounts of data in this directory can slow down activate changes in distributed environments.

- var/check_mk/agents/ - Baked agent files and related temporary files.

- var/check_mk/core/ - The current monitoring state alongside the full monitoring history. The data here can impact monitoring performance.

- var/pnp4nagios/ - PNP graphs stored in an old format, which is no longer used. An increase in disk usage can indicate a problem with the graphing.

The following directories give insight into the state of the site. There are no direct actions to be taken or consequences for monitoring.

- var/check_mk/rrd/ - Modern graphing data.

- var/mkeventd/history/ - Contains archived events from the Event Console.

- var/check_mk/inventory_archive/ - A cache of the HW/SW Inventory data.


The name of the site.


One service is create for each site.