Check manual page of oracle_rman

Oracle: RMAN Backup Status

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux AIX Hp/Ux Solaris
This check monitors different types of RMAN Backups.

The age of the last RMAN backup is reported for ARCHIVELOG, CONTROLFILE and FULL/INCREMENTAL Backups. A rule is required for generating notifications.

there is a specific behavior for DB_INCR_1. The plug-in could miss the information for a DB_INCR_1 backup after a delete obsolete in RMAN. The check reports the age for the last DB_INCR_0 for this situation. This is required for a DB_INCR_0 each monday and a DB_INCR_1 on all other days. The delete obsolete after the DB_INCR_0 could remove all informations for the DB_INCR_1 and the check reports a missing backup. This is prevented with this behavior.

This check needs the Checkmk mk_oracle-plugin installed in the agent. Please refer to the online documentation for how to install that plugin.


The sid and the type of the backup seperated by a {{.}} and optionally the backup level seperated by an underscore


One service is created for each running database.