Check manual page of oracle_tablespaces

Oracle Tablespaces: General Information

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux Hpux Solaris Windows
This check monitors the state of Oracle tablespaces. It checks the current and maximum size, the online state and the autoextension and optionally the setting of the increment size.

Autoextension: During inventory the autoextension setting is determined and remembered for later. That means that if the auto extension setting changes later, the check will get critical. A table space may consist of several data files with different settings. If at least one data file has auto extension turned on, the table space is considered to have auto extension turned on. The behaviour of autoextension setting can be configured with a check parameter.

Increment size: By default an increment size set to the Oracle default value of 1 (which is generally considered as a non-optimal setting) will lead to a warning. This can be configured using the configuration parameter Default increment,

State: Only table spaces in state ONLINE and READONLY will be found by inventory and monitored. If the state changes later, the check will not get critical. The state will just be displayed. We assume that state changes are due to normal operations.

Size: The logic of the size check depends on whether autoextend is on or off. If auto extension is on, then the still possible extensions are accounted for as free spaces as well as the space currently free in the data files. If auto extension is off, only the currently free space will be honored. Table spaces in state READONLY will not be checked for the size.

temptablespace: Ignore temporary Tablespace by default. This can be changed when this parameter is True.

This check needs the Checkmk mk_oracle-plugin installed in the agent. Please refer to the online documentation for how to install that plugin.


The SID and the tablespace name, separated by a dot, for example {"pengt.TEMP"}.


One service is created for each tablespace which is {ONLINE}, {READONLY} or {OFFLINE}.