Check manual page of ps

State and Count of Processes

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux Windows AIX Solaris OpenVMS
This check looks into the list of then current running processes for those matching a certain name or regular expression and optionally being owned by a certain user. The number of matching processes is matched against warning and critical levels.


A user definable service description for Nagios. That description must be unique within each host. Changing the description will make Nagios think that it is another service.


One service is created for each configured process on the monitored system. Since Checkmk cannot know which processes are of relevance to you, some configuration is needed. The configuration is done via the ruleset {inventory_processes_rules}. During inventory Checkmk tries to match all entries on each process found on the target host. If an entry matches, one new service will be created according to the entry (if it's not already existing).