Check manual page of robotmk_plan

Robotmk Plan

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Windows
The Robotmk scheduler can run the Robot Framework suites with different configurations, either in parallel or sequentially. Optionally, a suite may be retried if a test fails. Robotmk refers to all test runs, which belong to same configuration, as a plan. Each plan as a unique Plan ID.

This check reports on the status of such a plan.

The service will go to CRIT state, if:

- Producing the merged test results failed.

- The age of the rebot result (current_time - rebot_execution_timestamp) is more than 2 times higher than the configured execution interval. The result is considered as outdated then.

- No data is available.

In addition, there will be monitoring data about each of the available attempts, if they failed, timed out or had any other issues. The Runtime (Peak Attempt) refers the runtime of executing a Robot Framework suite a single time. If there are multiple attempts at running the suite, the check uses the maximum runtime. The Runtime-limit ratio (Peak Attempt) is the longest attempt runtime in relation to the limit per attempt. Thresholds for this ratio can be configured.


One service is created per Robotmk plan. The item is the Plan ID.