Check manual page of sansymphony_pool

Sansymphony: Pool

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Windows
This check shows the allocated pool size, whether the dynamic pool is running, and whether the cache is in ReadWrite mode. If the dynamic pool not running, CRIT will be reported. If the cache is not in ReadWrite mode, CRIT will be reported. It is possible to set levels to check the allocated size using the ruleset "Sansymphony pool allocation". Magic factor can be used to adjust these levels dynamically based on the overall pool size. Please refer to the user guide for more information on magic factor.

The windows agent needs to be extended with the agent plug-in sansymphony.ps1. In order to use magic factor, the agent plug-in must be version 2.2.0 or higher.


Name of the pool.


One service is created for each pool.