Check manual page of sap_value

SAP R/3: Single Value

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux
This check uses the data provided by the mk_sap agent plugin, which uses RFC calls to retrieve monitoring information from SAP R/3 systems. To make this check work, you have to deploy the mk_sap agent plug-in on a host.

This check looks into the list of nodes which the agent is sending data for. You can adapt the agent plug-in configuration to modify this list. The check simply uses the states, performance values and outputs generated by SAP, there are no special thresholds or similar to configure here.


A combination of the SAP system ID and, space separated, the path of the node to process the information of.


By default no services are created. You can use the inventory option {inventory_sap_values}. This is a hostlist which contains dictionaries as parameters. At the moment, the only parameter is the {match} paramter. It is used during inventory to filter the list of all available nodes by their paths and add the matching ones to the list of inventorized services. During inventory Checkmk tries to match all entries on each node found on the target host. If an entry matches one service is created according to the entry (if it's not already existing).