Check manual page of siemens_plc_flag

Siemens PLC: Binary Flag Values

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Siemens_Plc
The check monitors the state of binary flag values (single bits) reported by Siemens PLC (SPS) devices.

You need to use and configure the special agent agent_siemens_plc which is using the SNAP7 library to communicate with the Siemens PLC. When you are using OMD, everything is already installed and configured. In manual setups, you will need to ensure that the snap7 library and python module snap7 are installed. To make temperature values available for the check, you need to configure the memory addresses and data types to read from the device as temperature values.

By default the check reports OK for bits set to 1 and CRIT for bits set to 0, but you can configure the check to handle them vice versa.


Name of the device and the mode seperated by a space


One service is created for each configured flag value.