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Socomec Modulys UPS Device: Alarms

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
Monitors alarms the device reports.

Critical alarms: 'Disconnect', 'Input power failure', 'Low batteries', 'Severley high load', 'On bypass', 'General failure', 'Battery ground fault', 'UPS test failure', 'Fuse failure', 'Output overload', 'Output overcurrent', 'Inverter abnormal', 'Rectifier abnormal', 'Reserve abnormal', 'Bypass bad', 'Charger failure', 'Emergency power off', 'Fan failure', 'Output abnormal', 'Output breaker open', 'Overheating'

Warning alarms: 'High load', 'On reserve', 'Output turned off', 'Shutdown', 'Smart shutdown in progress'

Unproblematic alarms: 'UPS test in progress', 'In economic mode', 'In standby mode'


One service is created.