Check manual page of winperf_msx_queues

MS Exchange: Queue Length

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Windows
This check monitors the current length of various MS Exchange mail queues. You need a Windows agent of version 1.1.11i1 or later and have the counter object msx_queues activated. This counter is activated per default with the number 10332.

If the counter number is different in your installation or you are using a check_mk.ini with custom counter definitions, add the counter to the section [winperf] with counters = 10332:msx_queues ... . Look in the output of lodctr /s:counters.ini for the object with the name MSExchangeTransport Queues.

You can set levels for warning and critical. Per default the queues Active Remote Delivery, Active Mailbox Delivery, Retry Remote Delivery and Poison are monitored.


The name of the queue


One service is created for each queue that is defined in {winperf_msx_queues} if the agent outputs the matching performance counters.