Check manual page of zertificon_mail_queues

Zertificon Mail Queues

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This check monitors the length of the mail queues of Zertificon mail encryption appliances. The following seven queues are monitored:

- Total Postfix queue

- Incoming queue

- Active queue

- Deferred queue

- Hold queue

- Maildrop queue

- Z1 Messenger queue

The check goes WARN / CRIT if the length of any of these queues exceeds configurable levels. Per default, there are no upper levels.


This check is only available as an enforced service, configurable via "Setup > Enforced services > Zertificon Mail Queues". This is necessary because Zertificon appliances cannot be decisively identified based on their SNMP data.