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Start monitoring with Checkmk - scalable, automated, and extensible hybrid IT monitoring platform. Reduce downtime in your network and discover hidden issues impacting the bandwidth.

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Meet Checkmk - The G2 Leader in IT infrastructure monitoring

Checkmk - G2 Top Rated Infrastructure Monitoring Tool

Checkmk is a game-changer for us. Even without prior monitoring experience, it is easy to use.

Marcelo Carvalho - Senior Linux AWS Systems Engineer, ICE Consulting

G2 Leader in Network Monitoring
G2 Momentum Leader in Network Monitoring
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Ensure peak network performance with Checkmk

Illustration: Comprehensive IT Monitoring
Monitor everything

Monitor your hybrid IT infrastructure out-of-the-box with our leading library of more than 2,000 vendor-maintained monitoring plug-ins

Illustration: Automated IT Monitoring
Highly automated

With its auto-discovery, auto-configuration via a REST API, and built-in agent management, Checkmk takes manual work off your hands

Illustration: Scalable IT Monitoring
Massively scalable

Monitor hundreds of thousands of hosts and millions of services across the globe, thanks to a high-performance distributed architecture

Illustration: Easily Extensible IT Monitoring

Customize or extend the open source code of Checkmk. Use the Check-API to write your own monitoring plug-ins or extend existing ones

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CheckGain visibility into your whole network — no more flying blind.
Discover hidden issues impacting the performance of your network.
CheckDiscover problematic trends using real-time and historic data.
CheckSet up a holistic network monitoring for all of your network ports in minutes.

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  • University of Texas
  • Zalando
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Flexible and scalable monitoring platform for hybrid IT

Illustration: All-in-one Zabbix alternative monitoring

Future-proof all-in-one monitoring

Monitor all assets in your IT infrastructure. Servers, switches, firewalls, storage, application containers, or cloud – all covered by Checkmk. No matter how your IT environment looks today or whether it changes in the future, all you need to gain control of your entire hybrid IT infrastructure is Checkmk.

Flexible and effortless

Checkmk gives you high flexibility. Monitor your systems with native agents for Linux or Windows, agentless via HTTP or SNMP TCP/UDP, or connect your monitoring via APIs to any application. With the rule-based approach, you can automatically enforce monitoring policies for all devices at a particular location, or any device group.

Automated monitoring

Thanks to automated configuration and monitoring operations via the Checkmk API, a centralized agent management feature, or the dynamic host configuration, Checkmk takes a lot of work off your hands, even when monitoring dynamic environments, such as Docker or Kubernetes.

Smart alerting

Checkmk comes with intelligent notifications to ensure that you don’t get drowned in alerts, and only receive relevant notifications. Benefit from flexible notification and escalation options integrated with popular notification tools such as Slack, PagerDuty, SIGN4L, VictorOps, or Jira.

Illustration: Automated Zabbix alternative monitoring
Illustration: Insightful Zabbix alternative monitoring

In-depth insights with one click

Thanks to over 2,000 vendor-maintained plug-ins, Checkmk automatically detects almost any system and knows which metrics it needs to monitor and with which thresholds. This not only saves you configuration time, but also provides you with in-depth insights into your IT infrastructure based on industry best standards.

Predictive monitoring

Benefit from sophisticated algorithms and adapt your IT infrastructure before new challenges occur: Checkmk provides advanced analytics based on historical data, which allows you to identify trends in your infrastructure or use resource utilization forecasts for capacity management.