Werk #15068: Fix improper certificate validation in agent updater

Component Agent bakery
Title Fix improper certificate validation in agent updater
Date Feb 28, 2023
Level Trivial Change
Class Security Fix
Compatibility Compatible - no manual interaction needed
Checkmk versions & editions
2.3.0b1 Checkmk Enterprise (CEE), Checkmk Cloud (CCE), Checkmk MSP (CME)
2.2.0b1 Checkmk Enterprise (CEE), Checkmk Cloud (CCE), Checkmk MSP (CME)
2.1.0p24 Checkmk Enterprise (CEE), Checkmk MSP (CME)
2.0.0p34 Checkmk Enterprise (CEE), Checkmk MSP (CME)

The compiled version of the agent-updater uses its own collection of trusted Certificate Authorities. This collection comes from the Python package certifi and is based on the collection of Mozilla Firefox. The used Python package and therefore the collection was outdated and is subject to CVE-2022-23491. This collection included a CA certificate of TrustCor which is not considered trustworthy anymore. (See: https://security.googleblog.com/2023/01/sustaining-digital-certificate-security_13.html)

If an attacker was able to create certificates for arbitrary domains signed by this CA, machine-in-the-middle attacks could be possible.

To mitigate this vulnerability please update and rollout the agent-updater (typical agent-update is sufficient). If an update is currently not possible one can set the Certificates for HTTPS verification option for the agent updater. If this option is set a custom list of trusted certificates is used to verify the HTTPS connection instead of the CA collection.

All versions up to 1.6 are vulnerable.

This vulnerability was found internally.

We calculated a CVSS 3.1 score of 6.2 (medium) with the following vector: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:H/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:N/E:U/RL:O/RC:R

Please note that we rate this rather low since this is more a hypothetical attack and no wrong-doing of the CA was ever proven.

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