Werk #16019: Update PHP version in SLES15P4 from 7 to 8

Component RPM packaging
Title Update PHP version in SLES15P4 from 7 to 8
Date Jul 20, 2023
Checkmk Edition Checkmk Raw (CRE)
Checkmk Version 2.3.0b1 2.2.0p8 2.1.0p31
Level Prominent Change
Class Bug Fix
Compatibility Compatible - no manual interaction needed

Checkmk was shipped with a dependency to PHP7 for SLES15SP4. Since PHP7 is part of the legacy module, this Werk updates the dependency from PHP7 to PHP8.

As SLES only allows one version of PHP to be installed, the following steps will uninstall PHP7 from the system and install the new version of Checkmk with PHP8. Be aware that this procedure updates PHP from version 7 to 8 for the whole OS. In case you run additional PHP applications next to Checkmk, the update will also affect them.

Run the following commands to perform the update to the new Checkmk version:

  • install the new Checkmk version with
  • Zypper will now complain about a conflict with several PHP packages and asks you to select a solution. There, select to confirm the deinstallation of the current Checkmk version, the PHP7 modules and to continue with the installation
  • confirm the installation of the new Checkmk version and PHP8 with
  • removing the existing Checkmk version will throw an error like , proceed by choosing which creates a inconsistent state for the old Checkmk version package, which we will resolve in a later step.
  • PHP7 will be removed and PHP8 gets installed
  • change to the site user with
  • stop the site with
  • perform the update to the new Checkmk version with , select at the user prompt
  • in case further prompts regarding wrong permissions of files appear, choose the default value with
  • start the site again with
  • exit from the site user
  • list all installed Checkmk version with
  • finally remove the old Checkmk installation with

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