Werk #16342: Rename service labels for Robotmk

Component User interface
Title Rename service labels for Robotmk
Date Mar 25, 2024
Checkmk Version 2.3.0b4
Level Prominent Change
Class New Feature
Compatibility Compatible - no manual interaction needed
Affected Editions
2.3.0b4 Checkmk Enterprise (CEE), Checkmk Cloud (CCE), Checkmk MSP (CME)

This is a follow-up for werk #13872. The service labels have been renamed to 'cmk/rmk/html_last_log:yes' and 'cmk/rmk/html_last_error_log:yes'. The icons for the last log file and last error log file will have an icon based on the new labels as well as the old ones from werk #13872.

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