Werk #1665: agent_netapp: New special agent for NetApp monitoring via Web-API

Component Checks & agents
Title agent_netapp: New special agent for NetApp monitoring via Web-API
Date Dec 16, 2014
Checkmk Edition Checkmk Raw (CRE)
Checkmk Version 1.2.7i1
Level Major Change
Class New Feature
Compatibility Compatible - no manual interaction needed

The new agent_netapp allows you to collect data from a NetApp Filer through its Web-API. Right now only 7-Mode setups are supported, but Cluster-Mode is following soon.

Agent setup

This agent does not run out of the box, because it depends on some files from the Netapp Manageability SDK from NetApp. You can download it here (customer/partner login required) In this package you will find a python API binding. The agent_netapp requires the two python files (NaElement.py / NaServer.py) to be put into the sites local directory ~/local/lib/python. (Our plan is to eleminate this tedious step in a future version)

Once the agent has all required files you need to create a user account with the following permissions:

  • perf-object-get-instances
  • net-ifconfig-get
  • aggr-list-info
  • storage-shelf-bay-list-info
  • disk-list-info
  • vfiler-list-info
  • vfiler-get-status
  • volume-list-info
  • system-get-version
  • system-get-info
  • storage-shelf-environment-list-info
  • cf-status
  • diagnosis-status-get

Note: This list might increase in later versions

If the new agent is able to access the Web-API the following new checks are ready to process the data:

netapp_api_aggrUsed space and trend of aggregations
netapp_api_volumesUsed space and trend of volumes. Able to record detailed performance data for each protocol
netapp_api_clusterCluster status
netapp_api_cpuOverall CPU utilization
netapp_api_diskDisk summary check. Includes total raw capacity and info about broken and spare disks
netapp_api_ifInterface checks (Fibrechannel not include so far)
netapp_api_protocolRead OPS / Write OPS for each protocol (nfs, nfsv4, cifs, fcp, iscsci)
netapp_api_statusFilers Diagnosis Status (overall status)
netapp_api_versionVersion information
netapp_api_vf_stats.trafficvFiler traffic (Read/Write OPS, Net-Data Send/Recv, Read/Write Bytes)
netapp_api_vf_stats.cpu_utilvFiler CPU utilization
netapp_api_vf_statusvFiler status
netapp_api_psuPower supplies summary which are relevant to that filer. Reports broken units
netapp_api_fanFans summary which are relevant to that filer. Reports broken units
netapp_api_tempTemperature sensor summary for internal and ambient sensors relevant to that filer. Reports broken units

Note: This is the initial version of this agent. It has been tested on a handful of NetApp systems.

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