Werk #2434: NetApp monitoring: Cluster-Mode is now supported, changes in existing 7Mode checks

Component Checks & agents
Title NetApp monitoring: Cluster-Mode is now supported, changes in existing 7Mode checks
Date Oct 14, 2015
Checkmk Edition Checkmk Raw (CRE)
Checkmk Version 1.2.8b1 1.2.7i4
Level Prominent Change
Class New Feature
Compatibility Incompatible - Manual interaction might be required

This update enables to monitor NetApp Filers running in Cluster-Mode. The new agent_netapp is able to automatically detect whether the filer is running in 7Mode or Cluster-Mode, so you only have to configure the credentials in the datasource rule as usual.

Some of the existing 7Mode checks have been adjusted. Overall there are now less summary checks available (e.g. fan, temperature, psu). You need to do a service discovery on each NetApp filer.

The following table shows the list of available checks and the currently supported NetApp mode.

netapp_api_aggr Used space and trend of aggregations X X
netapp_api_volumes Used space an trend of volumes. Able to record detailed performance data for each protocol X X
netapp_api_info Displays NetApp version X X
netapp_api_cpu CPU utilization of nodes X
netapp_api_cpu.utilization CPU utilization for 7Mode filer X
netapp_api_cluster Cluster status X
netapp_api_cpu.nvram_bat NVRAM battery status X
netapp_api_disk.summary Disk summary check. Includes total raw capacity and info about broken/spare ratio X X
netapp_api_fcp Fibrechannel interfaces traffic and latency X
netapp_api_if Ethernet interfaces X X
netapp_api_protocol Read OPS / Write OPS for each protocol (nfs, nfsv4, cifs, fcp, iscsci) X
netapp_api_temp Temperature sensors, grouped by shelf X X
netapp_api_psu Power supplies X X
netapp_api_fan Fan status X X
netapp_api_snapvault Snapvault Lag-time X
netapp_api_status Diagnosis status X X
netapp_api_vf_stats.traffic vFiler traffic (Read/Write OPS, Net-Data Send/Recv, Read/Write Bytes) X
netapp_api_vf_stats CPU utilization of vFilers X
netapp_api_vf_status vFiler status, e.g running X
netapp_api_vs_status vServer status, e.g running X
netapp_api_vs_traffic vServer Traffic Summary X

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