Werk #5507: Prevent cmk-update-agent from being prelinked on Linux

Component Agent bakery
Title Prevent cmk-update-agent from being prelinked on Linux
Date Jul 25, 2018
Checkmk Version 1.6.0b1 1.5.0b10
Level Trivial Change
Class Bug Fix
Compatibility Compatible - no manual interaction needed
Affected Editions
1.6.0b1 Checkmk Enterprise (CEE), Checkmk MSP (CME)
1.5.0b10 Checkmk Enterprise (CEE), Checkmk MSP (CME)

Since Check_MK 1.5, the Agent Updater gets packaged via the tool "PyInstaller" to ensure a better compatibility. Unfortunately, PyInstaller-packaged binaries will break when tthey get prelinked. You would experience this by getting an error message like

Cannot open self /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins/3600/cmk-update-agent or archive /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins/3600/cmk-update-agent.pkg

when cmk-update-agent gets executed after a prelink.

To mitigate this problem, and because there may be some systems that run a prelink-job frequently on all executables, the Check_MK agent package now blacklists the cmk-update-agent binary from being prelinked. It does this by writing to the prelink-config (if it finds one on the system) on installation. The corresponding config entries will be removed on uninstallation.

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