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Catalog of Check Plug-ins

This catalogue lists check plug-ins that are shipped with Checkmk. For an alphabetical list please refer to the List of check plug-ins.

All plug-ins listed here are actively maintained by the Checkmk team. Further free plug-ins from users, partners or third parties are available at the Checkmk Exchange.


  • Almost every week we develop new check plug-ins. You might have to update Checkmk in order to be able to use them.
  • Some plug-ins are listed in more than one category
  • If you need a plug-in that is not listed here, we would be happy to develop one for you conforming to the conditions of a support contract.

6. Operating Systems

6.8. Microsoft Windows

CPU, Memory and Kernel Performance

Files and Logfiles

Filesystems, Disks and RAID

Hardware Sensors


Processes, Services and Jobs

Specific Daemons and Operating System Services