Werk #13331: Performance improvements for the mknotifyd

Komponente Notifications
Titel Performance improvements for the mknotifyd
Datum 21.10.2021
Checkmk-Editon Checkmk Enterprise (CEE)
Checkmk-Version 2.0.0p13 2.1.0i1
Level Bedeutende Änderung
Klasse Bugfix
Kompatibilität Kompatibel - benötigt kein manuelles Eingreifen

This werk fixes some performance regressions in the mknotifyd and can increase (depending on the setup) the throughput of the mknotifyd. The changes are most benificial if you use notification plugins with a short running time or if you forward notifications from remote to central sites. The fixed regressions are:

In distributed setups forwarded messages were always processed in one subprocess before the actual notification plugins were executed. I.e. even if you used the option "Maximum concurrent executions" for a notification plugin, it may not have the desired effect if the processing of forwarded messages was the limiting factor. You can now use the option "Maximum concurrent executions for forwarded messages" in the "notification spooler configuration" of the "global settings" to configure the number of processes. Ideally, the number of processes should roughly match the concurrent executions of the notification plugins of the incoming messages. If no value is specified, a default of 1 is used. Note that higher values lead to a higher CPU load. If e.g. a value of 2 is used and a notification plugin uses 2 concurrent executions, 4 subprocesses can be started simultaneously.

The mknotifyd polls for new data with a timeout of 1s. Previously, output of executed notification plugins was not recognized in the poll. I.e. if no data was present on a connection or no forwarding was used, the timeout of 1s was always hit. Now, the mknotifyd recignizes new output of notification plugins and the poll exits before the 1s timeout is hit.

Incoming connections used blocking sockets and outgoing connections could occasionally end up with a blocking socket. This degraded the performance of the mknotifyd if a lot of notifications had to be sent to a remote site and the TCP queue was already full. It also may lead to occasional disconnects if heartbeats were missed due to a blocking call and could in the worst case lead to a deadlock if two sites are in a blocking call.

If a connection had a lot of outgoing data the mknotifyd only sent data and did not read data from the socket which could leat to missed heartbeats and disconnects as well.

Before this werk all spoolfiles in the spool and deferred directory were always processed. If a lot of spoolfiles were present in these directories, this could lead to up to 2s spent processing these directories per cycle.

Finally, this werk increases the amount of data collected per cycle from a connection. This resolves the issue of TCP queues when a lot of notifications had to be forwarded to a remote site.

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