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Performance Monitoring for Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

A powerful IT monitoring solution to help you track workloads, bottlenecks, availability and performance for your cloud applications and infrastructure.

  • Intelligently monitor all your cloud applications and infrastructure
  • Monitor and maintain the health and reliability of your cloud workloads
  • Continually optimize your cloud performance
  • Auto-detect and monitor cloud components and keep up to date with any changes made in your cloud environment
  • Detect issues with 3rd party services, load-balancers or disconnected hosts
  • Monitor cloud instances to get deep visibility into the resource usage both at OS level and at application level
Checkmk cloud monitoring use cases

Supported cloud platforms and vendors

  • Amazon Web Services - EBS
  • Amazon Web Services - EC2
  • Amazon Web Services - ELB
  • Amazon Web Services - RDS
  • Amazon Web Services - S3
  • Microsoft Azure - SQL
  • Microsoft Azure - Storage
  • Microsoft Azure - Virtual Machines
  • Microsoft Azure - VNet Gateways
  • Microsoft Azure - Web Servers

A monitoring tool built for enterprise cloud ecosystems

Checkmk provides in-depth insights into the health and performance of your cloud infrastructure and allows IT adminstrators to create custom dashboards to monitor all nodes, servers and hosts.

Analyze various system and infrastructure parameters to ensure optimal performance for your applications and cloud resources.

  • get full visibility across all cloud and on-premise tiers, including OS-level and other important network metrics.
  • manage system health and easily trace errors across complex, distributed architectures.
  • eliminate all blind spots by detecting issues related to 3rd party services, load-balancers, disconnected hosts, or limited network visibility.
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Monitor your AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure with Checkmk

Dynamic alerting

Monitor, query and alert on metrics and errors for specific services - including those based in multiple regions and/or timezones.

IT budget monitoring

Stay on top of your IT spending by keeping an eye on your cloud infrastructure's cost and the services that you are using.

Unified insights

Use highly customizable dashboards to monitor alerts, track events and visualize consolidated performance metrics.

Intelligent IT monitoring for AWS

Simplify cloud complexity by using an all-in-one platform to move beyond application performance monitoring.

Checkmk is built for monitoring your public, private and/or hybrid enterprise cloud ecosystems and helps with:

  • Unified insights into the availability and performance of workloads running on AWS
  • Custom dashboards that provide an overview of your entire cloud ecosystem
  • Granular detection of issues and in-depth root-cause analysis

AWS services currently supported by Checkmk:

AWS monitoring guide

Full-stack Azure performance monitoring

Monitor high-volume Azure SaaS, IaaS and PaaS production environments. Get detailed insights and metrics on the performance of your systems, applications and cloud resources.

Use Checkmk to:

  • Visualize and correlate performance metrics across your entire environment
  • Identify the databases and web services which perform suboptimally
  • Create alerts and notifications with custom filters that can be applied to Azure workloads

Azure services currently supported by Checkmk:

Azure monitoring guide

Automated, dynamic cloud monitoring

Upcoming feature: Monitoring your cloud environments will be radically simplified with Checkmk 1.6.

The already existing auto-discovery for services will be complemented by the Dynamic Configuration Daemon for hosts. This means no more manual adding and removing of hosts (e.g. your EC2 instances) into your monitoring - this will be done automatically by Checkmk.

Thus, you will benefit from an automatic detection, configuration and mapping of your hosts, services and nodes.


With Checkmk we have visibility and insight into the systems and applications that power our business. We know the lifecycle and usage patterns of our systems thanks to Checkmk and this is really a powerful feature when making important business decisions regarding these systems.

We do not have to do guess work, it is a matter of pulling up the right view or generating the report and looking at the details..

Marius P. - CEO

Avoids most of the headaches you get with the heavyweight solutions, that spend most of the time pumping monitoring data through a classical SQL database.

It monitors eveything from network equipment, Power supply, Hardware, OS, virtualisation technology, databases, storage systems, backup and even modern stacks like docker. Also helps with automated SLA reports und software/hardware inventory.

Great value for your money, there is also a community edition for tight budgets.

Roland S. - Head of Datacenter Ops

Trusted by global brands and local organizations worldwide

  • Zalando
  • Robert Bosch
  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • DB Schenker
  • Groupon
  • Vodafone

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