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Ipmitool: Hardware Sensors

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: Linux

This check makes use of the output of a working ipmitool on a Linux system. If the kernel properly supports IPMI and ipmitool is installed, then the agent will output the current state of power supplies, cooling devices, temperatures and other devices avaiable via IPMI. This check makes sure that all those devices are working properly.

Fortunately, IPMI provides not only the current sensor values but also their state, so no levels need to be configured for this checks.

This check provides a summarized mode, where all sensors appear as one summary check per host and a detailed mode with one check per sensor.

Please note: on some systems IPMI reports sensors in a non-ok state wheras actually no problem exists. As of version 1.1.11i1 these sensors can be ignored with the configuration variable ipmi_ignored_sensors.


"Summary" for summary mode, the name of the IPMI item in detailed mode.


One summary service is created in summary mode if at least one sensor is found. One service is created for each sensor in detailed mode.

Note: Some obscure hardware lists sensors in the state nr which do not produce usable output. If you set impi_ignore_nr to True then these sensors will be ignored.