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Docker monitoring with Checkmk

Track containers and nodes with ease and gain full visibility into their real-time status & performance for your Docker environment

Docker Microservice availability

Determine service availability in your microservices’ environment

Docker Critical Resources

Analyze key metrics and get a quick overview with Docker dashboards

Docker Grafana

Find all information on containers, images and networks in one place

Docker Insights

Get unified insights into your Docker nodes, containers, and images

Deep insights into Docker performance

With the Checkmk auto-discovery functionality, you can get a real-time overview of all key metrics of your nodes and containers.

Track metrics such as CPU utilization, memory usage and Disk IO of your containers all in one view. Gather even deeper insights by deploying the light-weight Checkmk agent inside your containers.

A powerful inventory to collect information

Checkmk automatically inventorizes the entire hardware and software aspects of your Docker nodes and containers. So that you have all data available in one spot, right in your monitoring.

See immediately which containers are up and running or stopped and which images they are using. You can also find all the images at one fingertip, their size, repository/tag and how many containers are built from them. Checkmk also collects handy information around the networks, which Docker is using.

Simple setup, ultra-scalable monitoring

Monitoring Docker is easy with Checkmk. You just have to install the Checkmk agent with the Docker plug-in on your nodes and add this node to your monitoring. No configuration is needed, Checkmk can automatically discover all the relevant services running on your node.

With the new feature “Dynamic configuration”, Checkmk automatically scales with your environments and discovers new containers itself as they get created and adds them to your monitoring. Track new Docker deployments and monitor distributed applications across your network or cloud instances.

Take control of your container environment

Schedule a 1:1 session with one of our technical consultants to understand how to best leverage Checkmk for monitoring container and container orchestration platforms, such as Docker, but also Kubernetes.

Get a 30-minute overview of the most important Checkmk functionality and understand how you can use it for your specific use case(s).

In this session you will learn:

  • How to set up Checkmk for your Docker environment
  • Checkmk best practices for setting up Docker monitoring
  • Building custom dashboards for data visualization
  • Integrating Grafana with Checkmk
  • Q & A