Check manual page of netapp_api_environment_voltage

NetApp Filer Clustermode: System Electrical Voltage
Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Netapp
This check monitors the electrical voltage levels of various components of a NetApp clustermode filer.

The checks reports CRIT when the threshold-sensor-value is higher than the critical-high-threshold, and reports WARN if it is higher than the warning-high-threshold. If both critical-high-threshold and warning-high-threshold are present the check will also honor critical-low-threshold and warning-low-threshold if present and the threshold-sensor-value falls below those.

Please note: You need the Special Agent "NetApp via WebAPI" to retrieve the monitoring data from the device. The Special Agent itself can be configured by WATO.


Name of the sensor


One service is created for each sensor reoprting voltage information.