Network Flow Monitoring

Get to know the trends, top talkers, and highlights of your network traffic. Thanks to the ntopng add-on for Checkmk it is now possible to inspect packets and network flows

Ntop top talkers

Get the flows of your network

Discover how your networks are utilized by monitoring the flows of the traffic. Top talkers and suspicious traffic are easy to identify with the Checkmk’s ntopng integration.

Gather deeper insight from your networks

Exploit the powers of multiple network flow protocols, deep packet inspection, and extensibility to delve deeper into how your networks work.

A complete network monitoring solution

With over 240 types of traffic protocols supported, Checkmk is a complete network monitoring system for network flow monitoring and beyond.

Network flow monitoring with ntopng

Discover how your network is utilized, pinpoint potential security threats, and enhance your visibility into network activities with a network flow monitoring tool. Network flows give you insights on the who, what, when, and how much of your traffic.

Ntop hosts
  • Get to know who the top talkers in your network are
  • Spot traffic trends, and prevent network congestion
  • Identify suspicious network traffic
  • Detect possible bottlenecks, to prevent downtimes
  • Make sure capacity is never reached with the network flow data insight
  • Improve user experience by troubleshooting slowdowns, spikes, and network overuse

The ultimate network flow monitoring tool

Get the ultimate network monitoring solution, with the ntopng add-on available in Checkmk commercial editions.

  • Gain insight within minutes, with most network devices already being NetFlow- or IPFIX-ready
  • Allow for advanced reporting on traffic: from historical bandwidth usage to recent top services
  • Heighten cybersecurity protection, easily spot anomalies and breaches
  • Use deep packet inspection for more granular information
  • Be alerted of any changes with the powerful Checkmk notification system
Ntop flows

Probe into your network usage for deeper insight

Harness the network data acquisition capabilities of ntopng with its probes and collectors, all accessible through the user-friendly Checkmk UI.

Network flow illustration
  • Support multiple flow protocols (NetFlow, sFlow, and IPFIX)
  • Get more features thanks to plug-in extensibility
  • Convert flow data between different protocols and their versions
  • Get deep packet inspection with the nDPI open-source library
  • Inspect over 240 types of traffic protocols
  • Visualize flow data via web UI or export it elsewhere (Kafka, databases, syslog, JSON or pure text)