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The Checkmk Managed Services Edition

About this webinar

Many organizations are looking to install new hybrid infrastructure solutions while also trusting Managed Services Providers with the everyday functioning of their IT, along with their mission-critical systems and processes. So, as an MSP you aim to be the knowledgeable, reliable partner for your customers that can deliver services and support consistently for their journey in the Hybrid World.

Find out in our webinar how the Checkmk Enterprise Managed Services Edition helps MSPs to stay on top of these challenges by offering highly scalable and flexible monitoring of networks, servers, applications as the foundation of your service offering to users.

Webinar language: English

Webinar duration: 20 minutes



  • Addressing monitoring challenges typical for Managed Services Providers
  • Advantages of the Checkmk Managed Services Edition
  • Technical demo



Sebastian Hofbauer
Senior Account Executive at Checkmk


Dennis Ehmer
IT Consultant at Checkmk


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