Werk #304: Escaping several unwanted chars from incoming log messages

Component Event Console
Title Escaping several unwanted chars from incoming log messages
Date Dec 9, 2013
Checkmk Edition Checkmk Raw (CRE)
Checkmk Version 1.2.5i1
Level Trivial Change
Class Bug Fix
Compatibility Compatible - no manual interaction needed

There are several kind of chars which are not wanted to be included in log messages. For example the null byte is nothing to be expected in log messages. We simply remove those chars now from the log messages.

Single log lines do not contain new line chars (\n), since they are already processed as single lines. But snmp traps might contain those chars, which might break e.g. processing the log history (resulting in error messages "Invalid line XX in history file..."). The newline chars are now simply removed from the incoming data. This might change incoming values, but this seems to be better than before. In future, when trap the parsing/processing code is extended by single value matching etc., we might be able to clean this up.

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