Check manual page of dell_powerconnect_temp

Dell PowerConnect Switches: Temperature Sensors

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This check monitors the temperature inside Dell PowerConnect Switches which support the RADLAN-MIB/NetDiscover MIB. It will retreive the temperature (Celcius), and the state of the temperature sensor.

A single service will be created showing the internal temperature at the time the check occurred However, two charts are created that plot the state of the sensor, and the value returned for the temperature.

The state of the check will return an OK value if the sensor is working properly, otherwise it will return a WARNING state if the sensor is no longer available, or a CRITICAL state if the sensor becomes non-functional.

The temperature can also trigger a WARNING or CRITICAL nagios state if the temperature exceeds the defined threshold values for each state.

By default, the temperature returned by the SNMP check is returned in Degrees Celcius.

The Dell PowerConnect manuals indicate the hardware can fail at any temperature over 41 or 42 degrees Celcius, depending on the model.

Currently, testing has been completed with the Dell PowerConnect 5448 and 5424 models, however the service check may work with other models.


The fixed statement {{Ambient}}


One service is created for the Temperature sensor if the MIB defined above is supported on the switch.