"IT monitoring in retail" whitepaper

This guide provides IT decision-makers with an overview of the core criteria for building a monitoring environment around the needs of a retail business.

IT monitoring within the retail sector poses a set of individual challenges that
demand a focused approach.

The majority of wholesale and larger retail IT environments are widely distributed across warehouses, logistics centers, and stores and offices. From a technical standpoint, IT teams must find the most efficient way to monitor diverse systems that are spread across a geographically dispersed estate. Adding to this complexity, there is a need to monitor and manage a complex hybrid of cloud computing, traditional enterprise hardware, and applications, as well as essential in-store and logistics solutions. In addition, there is a growing use of edge computing and smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The need for complex coordination and effective collaboration is greater. However, with the correct approach, this also offers greater opportunities for efficiency savings and competitive advantage.


  • Technical essentials for monitoring in Retail
  • Organizational monitoring challenges
  • Cloud and edge monitoring in retail


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