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Ep 02 - Jeremy Proffitt - Why Uptime is not the Be All and End All of Site Reliability Engineering

May 3, 2022

Uptime is what SRE is all about – or is it?

Jeremy Proffitt, Director DevOps and SRE at Ally Financial, technology craftsman and problem solver, is today’s guest at the All Things Ops podcast, hosted by Elias Voelker.

They talk about:

  1. Different approaches to thinking about technical debt
  2. Why 'uptime' may not be the best KPI out there
  3. How to handle the trade-offs of having multiple observability systems
  4. How Jeremy successfully uses runbooks with his teams

About Jeremy

Jeremy is Director DevOps and SRE at Ally Financial. His role is to ensure that his team gives DevOps services, like CI/CD pipelines and QA testing, as well as the observability that comes with those, to the Customer Communications Unit of Ally. Jeremy started dabbling with computers when he was about 10 or 11. That was also the age when he destroyed one for the first time.

About Ally Financial

Ally Financial is a financial services company powered by a top direct banking franchise and was founded in 1919. Ally's automotive services business offers a full suite of financing products and services. Its Commercial Finance unit provides financing to middle-market companies across a broad range of industries.

About the host

Elias is Director of International and Indirect Business at tribe29. Get in touch with Elias via LinkedIn or email


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