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Ep 05 - Jonah Kowall - Kubernetes monitoring, OpenTelemetry, and the future of DevOps

Jun 14, 2022

Open-source observability, the challenges of Kubernetes monitoring, and trends in DevOps. 

In this episode of "All Things Ops", our host Elias has a wide-ranging conversation with CTO Jonah Kowall about the challenges of Kubernetes monitoring, the OpenTelemetry project, open source licensing, recent trends in DevOps and much more. 

What's in it for you:

  1. Jonah’s views on a few recent DevOps trends
  2. Why Kubernetes monitoring is so hard to get right
  3. The promise of the OpenTelemetry project
  4. The intricacies of open-source licensing

About Jonah

Jonah Kowall a computer scientist and open-source contributor committing code to FreeBSD and built the first wireless cracking algorithms. Today Jonah focuses on observability contributing and maintaining projects such as OpenSearch, Jaeger, and OpenTelemetry. Jonah received his CISSP and CISA along with several certifications and awards. Throughout 15 years as a practitioner and manager across startups and large enterprises specialized in operations, security, and performance. In 2011 Jonah changed careers, moving to Gartner to focus on availability and performance monitoring and IT operations management (ITOM). Speaking and writing research globally for IT leaders and CIOs. In 2015 Jonah joined AppDynamics driving corporate development, product strategy, and vision. Cisco acquired AppDynamics in 2017 for $3.8b. Jonah then joined Kentik as CTO and executed the product vision and strategy. In 2020 Jonah joined as CTO to drive strategy and ecosystem for their open-source based SaaS observability platform.

Find Jonah on LinkedIn: 

Find him on Twitter: @jkowall

About is all about open-source observability. It provides a cloud observability platform providing Log Management built on ELK, Infrastructure Monitoring based on Prometheus, and an ELK-based Cloud SIEM. is based out of Boston and Tel Aviv. 

About the host

Elias is Director of International and Indirect Business at tribe29. He comes from a strategy consulting background, but has been an entrepreneur for the better part of the last 10 years. In his spare time, he likes to do triathlon.

Get in touch with Elias via LinkedIn or email: elias[dot]voelker[at] 


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