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Ep 20 - Juan Cercos - An Approach for Modernizing DevOps at International Organizations

Jan 24, 2023

An Approach for Modernizing DevOps at International Organizations


There are 2 types of people in every large organization:

Those who help you to implement change – and those who don't.

In this episode, Juan Cercos, Senior DevOps Director at DAI, shares with Elias, how he's driving change at a multinational organization, and why he uses data to inform his decisions.

What's in it for you:

  1. How Juan is driving the change towards modern DevOps in a large organization
  2. Why data is critical for identifying priorities and making decisions
  3. The importance of capability-driven design for designing IT solutions
  4. The value of IT in the eyes of businesses


About Juan

Juan is an IT Leader with 22 years of experience who spent most of his career focused on IT Management, with a lens on Operations, and more recently DevOps and SRE.  He worked at Fannie Mae, a large Financial Institution, for nearly 20 years, holding various roles from Production Support Manager to Sr. Manager DevOps Enterprise. Most recently, Juan is working as Sr. Director of DevOps, reporting to the CIO at DAI. He managed hundreds of people throughout the career and enjoy the People and Process aspects of IT the most.

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About DAI

DAI is in the International Development industry, which Administers Development Projects in Developing Nations on behalf of clients like USAID, the EU Government, and the Gates Foundation. DAI’s mission is to make a lasting difference in the world by helping people improve their lives. It envisions a world in which communities and societies become more prosperous fairer and better governed, safer, healthier, and environmentally more sustainable.



About the host

Elias is VP for North America at tribe29. He comes from a strategy consulting background, but has been an entrepreneur for the better part of the last 10 years. In his spare time, he likes to do triathlon.

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