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Ep 21 - Neil Cosson - How Experience in the US Military Shaped Neil's Career in IT Security

Apr 11, 2023

Part Military Man, Part IT Professional: How Neil’s Experience in the US Military Shaped His Career in IT Security

From Military Police Officer in the US Navy to Coffee Shop Owner, Marine Combat Instructor to IT Security Engineer, Neil's career path has been unconventional, to say the least.

In this episode, Neil Cosson, Associate Director of Cloud Security Engineering at OneMain Financial, shares his remarkable story, and how his early experience in the military has shaped his career in IT Security.

What's in it for you:

  1. How Neil's career as a Marine Combat Instructor shaped his career in IT Security
  2. What are insider threats to IT security and what can companies do to mitigate them?
  3. How IT professionals should be thinking about risk
  4. Why false positives and false negatives are a problem for monitoring and security professionals


About Neil

Almost 15 years of Active Duty service where I spent my last years of service as a USMC Combat Instructor and the School of Infantry - East.  I currently serve as the Associate Director of Cloud Security Engineering at OMF where my team and I deliver support services to various teams across the organization and drive key security initiatives.

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About the OneMain Financial

OneMain Financial is the leader in offering nonprime customers responsible access to credit.  We are committed to being the partner of choice and empowering our customers to reach a better financial future.  Our team helps customers meet critical financial needs, including debt consolidation, home and auto repair, medical procedures, and other major expenses.


About the host

Elias is VP for North America at Checkmk. He comes from a strategy consulting background, but has been an entrepreneur for the better part of the last 10 years. In his spare time, he likes to do triathlon.

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