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Ep 25 - Adam Morton - Inside the Hyperscalers

Sep 5, 2023

Inside the Giant: The Innovations Powering Microsoft's Hyperscale Data Centers

Microsoft owns some of the biggest data centers in the world. And as the demand for computing capacity continues to grow, so do the challenges.

Adam Morton, Senior Director at Microsoft, is responsible for introducing new technology at Microsoft's hyperscale data centers. From liquid cooling systems to power supplies, emission regulations to robots, Adam and his team work tirelessly to keep up with Microsoft's insatiable need for more capacity.

In this enlightening episode, you'll learn:

  1.  What it's like running data centers at hyperscale
  2. The future of data center operations
  3. The role robots play in modern data center operations
  4. How open source contributions drive innovation in data center operations


About Adam:

Adam Morton is a veteran leader with an extensive 25+ year journey in the realm of data centers, technical infrastructure, industrial automation, and software. From his pivotal role at Microsoft, where he currently leads new technology introduction, to his impactful tenure at Google, Adam's leadership has driven innovation, scalability, and operational excellence across global server operations, Cloud growth strategy, technical validation, and industrial automation.

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About Microsoft

Microsoft stands as a global technology powerhouse, renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovation across software, hardware, and cloud services. With a rich legacy spanning decades, Microsoft continues to redefine possibilities, empowering individuals and businesses worldwide through its cutting-edge solutions and transformative vision.




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